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We could be biologists. Maybe not. We could like yeast or not, pôrn or not. But our mission is to bring you the very best of pôrn AND yeast wich can be found deeply hidden in the internet space. We are inviting you to a journey you'll never forget.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lot of yeast

Do not hesitate and buy 20 Kg.

Job done

Congratulations guys !
BTW, your webcam image really sucks ;-)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Home of the Brew Truck

A yeast powered car ? Check it out !

This is not yeast

A guide to yeast morphology.

They need to buy a microscope urgently.

Mutant yeast (not for children)

Mutant. Frightening isn't it ? Mutants comes at night and silently open your fridge, and drink your beer. Bad bad mutants !

y345T PHor 933x

A yeast gor geeks. Actually I think you can buy something like that, from the crazy internet, of course.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Kertesz vs Yeast



Rose yeast

Redish yeast. The look yummy !

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The yeast fighters

Here they are, ready to fight !

Star Trek revival yeast festival

These pictures is from the following TV serie :

The Sexual Development of Yeast

Prôn, this is what you were looking for isn't it ?

Yeast eat apple

Image #4 of Eye of Science.

Yeast & protocols

If you're in the yeast business, you like protocols. Check those ones, you might need them sometime. Photographs taken from the same site.

Yeast + microscopy = Sudoku

When Cornell physicist Veit Elser attempted to demystify an esoteric imaging problem for biologists, he had no idea his solution would also help subway riders and break room loiterers around the world figure out those challenging, Sudoku puzzles.

Check the article.

Feeling alone

Astronaut's beer

This is yeast. Yes. True that.

This is a (quite large) enlargment of an astronaut beer bottle bottom.

Yeast-Group Activation Packs (Yeast-GAP)

Experiment/Payload Overview

Brief Summary

Yeast-GAP studies the effects of genetic changes of yeast cells exposed to the space environment. The results will help scientists to understand how cells respond to radiation and microgravity, will impact the determination of health remedies and will increase the basic understanding of cell biology.

Courtesy of the NASA. http://exploration.nasa.gov/programs/station/Yeast-GAP_lite.html

Wild wild yeast

Da movie.
Da plot. I think it is.
"Wild Yeast," by Roger Phenix, concerns a wanderer (Keith Yingling) who writes and sings the exuberant songs that grace the soundtrack; he's also a countryside garbage collector. Relishing the footloose life, which relies on some voluntary austerity, he also jokes about renting a South Sea island and living in a mansion with gold doorknobs. On the lam from the middle class, he reflects that "It's hard to be honest and not be a fugitive." His ease and lightness echo with the freedoms that seemed so accessible a few years ago, before the economic angst descended, and the movie makes you hope that he's still unfettered.

Exploding Yeast Bottles!


Exploding Yeast Bottles!

do you have any stories of yeast mixture being sucked into the tank and
killing fish?

A friend of mine has done that twice.
I wish I never read that.



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yeast is safe

Enough search engine comparison. Enough. Let's now travel in time. The fourth dimension.

Here we go. Boxed yeast again. That's why it is SAFE. Keep your yeasts IN THE BOX. Children can play with it, since it's SAFE. Got it pal ?

Yeast (c) microsoft

Third search engine. A good one, no shit. The one built by Microsoft, which gives much more accurate results than Google, just because - and you know that already - nobody uses it. Why is it better than Google ? The spammers didn't start to spam it, yet. Why is it better than Google ? I just said why in the previous sentence.

You should have noticed some ressemblance, so we won't repeat it here, just make the image larger. Because it's Microsoft.

Dog search yeast = ?

Remember ? The dog who can find anything on the internet and bring it to you ?

Lycos of course !

This is what it returns when you look for an image of "yeast" in Lycos.

The nearby article specifies : Yeast is a living organism and is in the air around us.
As show on the photograph, of course. How could you trust a dog ? You were young maybe, so was the Internet.

Yeast, Yahoo! style

There are other search engines out there. We used to use Yahoo!, or Altavista. Now they have merded (this is french for merged) together. Here is the result. It shows yeast, probably, but yet not naked, far from it actually. Enjoy.

The very first image

This is the very first image returned by Google Image when you search for "yeast".

As you'll soon notice, this picture is totaly ridiculous, since yeast can do much more that just show as little spots in a black and white low quality picture.

They aren't even naked.